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Aesthetic Treatments at Cameo

Cameo Spa and Laser Clinic provides a wide range of aesthetic services, including waxing, manicures, pedicures, and facials. 

We specialize in the following:


All Facials are catered to your needs. By adding High Frequency, Galvanic applications, Lymphatic Drainage, and Exfoliated brushes, facials at Cameo are a completely unique experience.

These additions can be applied upon request – please see our price list for more information.

UV Treatments

Ulta-Violet or Infrared Treatments are used to kill bacteria and soothe inflammation and redness, and can also be applied as a special facial for acne-prone skin.

We recommend that all sensitive skin surfaces undergo UV Treatment after waxing.

See our price list for any additional charges that may apply.


New Vascu-Lyse 2G RF System

Helps remove Spider Veins, Skin Tags, Sun Spots, Age Spots, Ruby Spots.

VascuLyse 2G RF thermocoagulation is a product of recent innovations in the field of electronics. It produces perfectly targeted “heat energy” resulting in a thermal lesion. Heat is generated in the capillary vessels resulting in the instant disappearance of blemishes without risks of epidermal damage.


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Experience our other services:

Laser Treatments

See dramatic results with our clinical laser services. Cameo is proud to offer you the latest advancements in aesthetic skin care.

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Facial Treatments

Gentle yet effective methods to leave your face feeling fresh, revitalized, and rejuvenated.

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Price Lists

Make your spa experience at Cameo totally unique. Piece together the perfect spa treatment package that best suits your needs.

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